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Finding right fire extinguisher

Finding Right Fire Extinguisher: How to Choose the Right Class

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Selecting the right fire extinguisher requires you to understand the different types of fire. Majority of people believe that a fire extinguisher can extinguish all kinds of fires, but that is not true. Some extinguisher leave a powdery mess, others use wet chemicals to douse the fire and some are perfect to be used around … […]


February 12, 2018

fire protection system hirdco

What Type of Fire Protection System are Best for Your Business?

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The commercial fire protection system is not one-size fits all. Every business needs a different system that can keep the fire at bay. The protection system is based on different fire types and different scenarios. The selection of fire protection system depends upon how the building is used and how many people occupy it.


December 1, 2017

The Importance of Being Up to Local Fire Code Standard

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It is imperative for all businesses to ensure that their facility is up to local fire code. If a business operates in a facility that is not up to code, it runs the risk of being penalized heavily and having to pay fines. What is a fire code? A fire code is a set of requirements for all buildings in an area, both commercial, and industrial.


June 19, 2017


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