What Type of Fire Protection System are Best for Your Business?

What Type of Fire Protection System are Best for Your Business?

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The commercial fire protection system is not one-size fits all. Every business needs a different system that can keep the fire at bay. The protection system is based on different fire types and different scenarios.

The selection of fire protection system depends upon how the building is used and how many people occupy it.  Remember, there is no blanket solution.

Whether you are looking fire protection system for school, businesses, or for restaurants, you have to understand the fire suppression system and their uses before selecting one. Here is a quick guide to help you select right system.

Select right system for right business



It is very important to have the fire protection system in the schools. The schools are full of students, teaching, staff, administrative staff, and numerous other people.

It is very necessary to have the right kind of system and keep all the occupants of the building safe and sound. A small fire can end up being a disaster.

The fires in the school kitchen are the main risk. Teachers, students, and the staff eat their lunch in the cafeteria, which is full of industrial equipment.

To keep the fire from turning into a hazard, it is important that the building is equipped with sprinklers, fire alarms, extinguishers and various other protection systems.




Whether in the office or the retail stores, the majority of fire occurs in the kitchen areas.

This is closely followed by the electrical fires. The building with retail stores and offices need to be equipped with fire protection system for both kinds of fires.

They need to have the fire sprinkler system in the kitchen area with fire alarms and extinguishers in the whole office.

The small kitchen fires can be extinguished with the sprinklers and the electrical fires with the extinguishers. Make sure your commercial building has electrical lighting to illuminate the exit doors.



The kitchens of the commercial restaurants have the industrial equipment for cooking. This includes industrial fryers, fans, hoods, and huge stoves. The fire risk is huge as the temperature runs high too.

The cooking oil serves as the fuel and can transform a small fire into a huge disaster. The fire protection system in restaurants needs to include sprinklers, extinguishers, alarms and other fire protection equipment.

The suppression system can stop the fire before it does the irrevocable damage.

A commercial building needs to be equipped with smoke detectors, fire alarms, sprinklers, and fire extinguishers.

The automatic sprinklers work even when the occupants are not presents. This ensures that even if you are not there, your building will stay safe from fire.

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December 1, 2017


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