William Hird & Co. can provide fire safety equipment including Fire Line & Archetectural Cabinets, Fire extinguishers, and Fire Suppression systems for commercial and industrial facilities in most of the Greater New York Area, including the 5 boroughs, Long Island, and parts of New Jersey.

To find out if you are within our service regions, please contact us today! One of our professionals will be glad to talk to you about your options.

Hirdco is a premium distributor of Ascoa, Central, Gem, Globe, Reliable, Star, Tyco, Victaulic and Viking Sprinkler & Standpipe equipment.

We also distribute sprinkler accessories, and standpipe equipment from various other brands. For more information on sprinklers and standpipes, contact one of our representatives today. We would be glad to discuss all of your facilities options with you.

We specialize in all aspects of fire suppression systems including designing, filing, installation, inspection, testing, recharging, upgrades & repairs.

Hirdco professionals can help your commercial or industrial facility or building with all of its fire suppression systems for areas including kitchens, industrial areas, computer rooms.

Yes, all commercial, industrial, and institutional occupancies are required to have portable fire extinguishers throughout the facility, even if there is a sprinkler system.

To learn more about your local codes, and to get assistance with your facilities fire safety needs, contact us today. Our factory trained & certified technicians can handle both the monthly and annual required inspections & service.

We have a wide range of products that are readily available including Standpipes, Fire Extinguisher and Fire Hose Cabinets, Signage, and Sprinklers. All of our products can be quickly installed in your occupancy.

Do not waste time if your commercial, industrial, or institutional facility is not compliant with local fire codes. Contact us immediately and our representatives will guide you through the process of making your business comply with current legislation.


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