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Did you know that all commercial, industrial and institutional occupies are required to have portable Fire Extinguishers in NYC throughout the facility even if there is a sprinkler system?

Did you know that portable fire extinguisher maintenance must be completed by a licensed contractor on an annual basis? A reputable Fire Extinguisher Service Company can help.

Did you know that the owner is responsible to perform monthly inspections on their portable fire extinguishers service and maintenance?

At William Hird & Co,Inc. we provide you with factory trained & certified technicians who can handle any monthly and annually required fire safety inspections. We proudly service multiple areas throughout NYC, including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and more. Keep in mind, while monthly inspections can be performed by the owner of the appointed in-house personnel, liability becomes a consideration. That’s where the experts at Hirdco step-in.

We provide support for Fire Extinguisher Maintenance, Fire Extinguisher Cabinets, Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Parts, and more, as the premier support provider for Fire Extinguishers in NYC. Don’t trust the other guys. Get ahold of the premier Fire Extinguisher Service Company experts at Hirdco today!

All work we perform is done in compliance with the New York City Fire Code and NFPA 10.


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