Fire Extinguishers  

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance & Service Company

Did you know that all commercial, industrial and institutional occupies are required to have portable fire extinguishers throughout the facility even if there is a sprinkler system?

Did you know that portable fire extinguishers service must be serviced and maintained by a licensed contractor at least annually?

Did you know that the owner is responsible to perform monthly inspections on their portable fire extinguishers service and maintenance ?

At William Hird & Co.,Inc. we provide you with factory trained & certified technicians who can handle both the monthly and annual required inspections & service in NYC, Brooklyn and other areas. Although the monthly inspections can be performed by owner appointed in-house personnel, liability becomes a consideration, and that’s where we step in.

All work we perform is completed according to New York City Fire Code and NFPA 10.



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