Fire Suppression systems in Queens, New York

Queens, New York

Hirdco is one of the leading fire protection companies in Queens, New York providing fire suppression solutions for many applications. At Hirdco, we have the technical expertise to design, install and maintain all types of fire suppression systems.

We come with more than 50 years of experience in the industry. Our experienced staff reviews your safety needs and provides protection systems that address your top most concerns. We analyze all the major possibilities of fire breaking out and take necessary steps to protect your people and property from any fire damage.

Hirdco’s fire systems in Queens, New York are designed to save thousands of businesses and homes from the disastrous effects of fire. Once a fire suppression system has been installed, it is very important to make sure it is timely inspected and repaired when required. Our technicians perform regular inspection service to the installed fire safety equipments with a goal to keep your family or business safe from any fire related emergencies.

Hirdco’s fire protection systems are effective, affordable, easy to use and safe for people and environment. Whether your needs are commercial, industrial or residential, we’ve got your covered.

Please feel free to visit one of our stores to know more about Hirdco fire suspension systems in Queens, New York.


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