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Why Following Fire Codes Is Important


The safety of commercial as well as residential building depends on various things. From fire codes of the state to the structural inspection, all the rules followed by the professional fire extinguisher service company serve the purpose of preventing the fires. One of the most important factors are the fire codes. They are created to … […]


April 17, 2018

How to extinguish the lithium-ion battery fire?

How To Extinguish A Lithium-Ion Battery Fire?


No one can imagine that their smartphone or laptop would be suddenly on fire, however, that is what we are seeing in the news. Every day the news bulletin tells us about an Android or iPhone that caught fire and left the owner with burns. The FAA has reported a minimum of 18 incidents in … […]


March 30, 2018

maintaining the fire extinguishers

All About Maintaining Fire Extinguishers


Fire extinguishers are the one of the essential and first arsenals that you have in for your residential as well as commercial building. As the fire extinguishers are available, it is extremely necessary that you know how to use them. Not knowing how to operate the equipment is extremely risky and you won’t be able … […]


March 12, 2018


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