What are the essential requirements for fire suppression system maintenance?

What are the essential requirements for fire suppression system maintenance?


The fire suppression system is a useful fire safety device to prevent fire hazards. When this fire safety device stays inactive and unused for a long time, they accumulate dirt, debris blockages, etc. Therefore, regular maintenance and inspection of fire safety devices by a certified professional is vital to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of these devices. These regular inspections help ensure your fire suppression system is well maintained and ready to handle any fire emergency.  

Here are the essential requirements of fire suppression maintenance:

Check control valves

If the suppression system’s control valves have not been used for a long time, they may get stuck. If the valves are closed while a fire breaks out, then the fire suppression system will be completely useless. Therefore, it is best to get them checked periodically to ensure they are open and operating well.

Remove blockages

If the fire suppression system has not been used for a long time, grime and dirt may accumulate in the suppression system’s nozzle heads and create blockages. In that case, if there’s a fire emergency, the fire suppression system will not be able to serve its purpose. Therefore, it is recommended to get an inspection from a certified professional and make sure any blockages are removed.

Check pressure

It is also vital to ensure there is enough pressure to put out a fire. If the suppression system’s pressure is low, it might not be able to properly put out a fire. Therefore, it is recommended to schedule an inspection of the fire suppression system from a fire safety professional quarterly.

Sprinklers placement

In case you are using a suppression system that uses water like fire sprinklers or water mist systems, it is essential to ensure the sprinklers are placed strategically. There should be nothing underneath them to block the flow of water. For example, if there is anything stacked under the sprinklers, they may prevent water flow.

Regular full fire suppression system inspection

The fire suppression system needs to be well-maintained to prevent fire hazards. It is recommended to book a regular full fire suppression system inspection every six months or annually. A professional expert will check if there are any issues such as blockages, damage, excessive corrosion, etc., and take appropriate measures to fix or prevent them. The owner or manager should also do a monthly check, and a professional should be consulted if there are any issues. 

A well-maintained fire suppression system can make all the difference during a fire emergency. Hire certified experts from William Hird & Co. Inc. for fire suppression system installation and maintenance. 

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January 5, 2021


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