How and When to Properly Dispose of a Fire Extinguisher

How and When to Properly Dispose of a Fire Extinguisher


Fire extinguishers are among the most useful fire safety devices. It is critical for all buildings to have the necessary fire extinguishers, and ensure that they are inspected serviced and maintained regularly according to the manufacturer guidelines. Amerex high quality, all-metal-valved fire extinguishers are built to hold up to the most rugged environments and uses. Amerex provides top of the line fire extinguishers that are trusted by industry professionals, but even these need to be maintained regularly.

Keeping an Extinguisher in Service

– In order to keep using a fire extinguisher, the extinguisher must be serviced and maintained in accordance with the maintenance manual and NFPA 10 standards. Everyone who uses and is responsible for the upkeep of the fire safety equipment should be familiar with the inspection requirements.’
– When maintenance has been ignored, it should be a priority to contact a local authorized Amerex fire extinguisher distributor to perform inspections and maintenance on all of your building’s fire safety equipment.

When to Dispose of a Used Extinguisher

– When a fire extinguisher is discharged or used, the owner should immediately schedule an inspection and servicing from an authorized Amerex distributor.
– Sometimes used fire extinguishers need to be disposed of and replaced. In such cases it is vital to ensure the disposal is done in accordance with any local regulations.
– If the fire extinguisher has not been discharged, but needs to be disposed of, it needs to be depressurized in a safe place in accordance with local regulations.

Fire extinguishers built by leading manufacturers like Amerex can be life saving devices, which is why it is critical to maintain them so that they are ready to go when you need them the most. The components of a fire extinguisher that are pressurized are aluminum, brass, carbon steel, or stainless steel and can be recycled. All of the dry chemicals are non-toxic and should be thrown away in accordance with local laws.

If you are unsure of how to identify when a fire extinguisher needs to be serviced or disposed of, contact a local authorized fire extinguisher distributor.  At Hirdco, we have over 30 years of experience distributing and servicing fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment, from trusted manufacturers like Amerex. Call us today to speak to one of our fire extinguisher specialists about your building’s fire safety equipment.

April 19, 2018


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