How To Extinguish A Lithium-Ion Battery Fire?

How To Extinguish A Lithium-Ion Battery Fire?


No one can imagine that their smartphone or laptop would be suddenly on fire, however, that is what we are seeing in the news. Every day the news bulletin tells us about an Android or iPhone that caught fire and left the owner with burns. The FAA has reported a minimum of 18 incidents in airplanes and at airports last year.

The main reason behind the electronic devices suddenly combusting is the lithium-ion or Li-ion batteries. With population and technology increasing, the demand for Li-ion batteries has increased exponentially. Wireless headphones, e-cigarettes, Bluetooth speakers and other electronic devices use the lithium-ion batteries. While the batteries are totally safe, negligence is bound to happen.

Extinguishing lithium-ion battery fire

Despite its name, the batteries do not have any lithium present in them. They are classified as Class B fire thus, as leading fire extinguisher services providers in NYC, our experts recommend using the Class BC or ABC dry fire extinguisher. Do not get confused and use the Class D fire extinguisher created for combustible metal fires. Containing dry powder, these extinguishers won’t do anything.

As the lithium-ion batteries have liquid electrolytes, the best option is to use the Class B extinguisher created for the flammable liquids.

Why do these batteries catch fire?

Normally the lithium-ion batteries are extremely safe and do not catch fire. However, if your electronic device did catch fire, it might be because of two reasons:

  Battery defect while manufacturing

This defect happens during the manufacturing of the batteries. Once discovered generally the devices are immediately recalled.

Battery defect under stress

The defect in this category generally happens during vibration or electrical short circuit. It happens usually because of the heat build-up. If the microscopic metallic particles converge at a single place, they can quickly reach 500°C (932°F). Once a particular spot heats up, it can weaken and the device will catch fire or explode.

The increasing statistics of lithium-ion batteries catching fire is harmful not only to you but to your property. It is necessary that you have a fire extinguisher on your property. This way you will always be prepared.

Remember that a fire extinguisher can save you from a battery fire that can turn big and dangerous. Contact Hird Co. They have experience of working in the fire protection system industry from last 60 years.

March 30, 2018


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