Dos and Don’ts of Firework Safety

Dos and Don’ts of Firework Safety

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Have you or your loved one ever gotten injured due to fireworks in your area? Every year we celebrate certain occasions such as New Year’s Eve or Christmas by burning firecrackers. Firecrackers look stunning and loud but can be dangerous if not handled properly. This could also result in fatalities and massive injuries to people around the world.

According to a survey, almost 57 percent of the fire hazards could be prevented if the masses took proper safety measures. It is vital to understand that fireworks are explosives that come with a pretty light show with them. But this show can quickly turn into a disaster if proper attention is not paid. It is recommended to keep fire extinguishers handy during fireworks to prevent fire mishaps. Please make sure you have conducted fire extinguisher maintenance beforehand to ensure fire extinguishers will work when required.

Along with it, there are certain dos and don’ts of firework safety that must be followed :

  • Adult supervision: Make sure that the children light the crackers under adult supervision. The sparkles are hot enough to burn certain metals.
  • Water hose or a bucket: Ensure that a water bucket or a hose is lying near the place. You can use them the moment something happens. Installing fire safety equipment with the help of fire extinguisher services well in advance can protect you and your loved ones from severe injuries. These systems will get activated as soon as the sensors detect the smoke.
  • Clothing: Wear safety equipment such as glasses, along with non-flammable clothes, while handling firecrackers. Make sure that your children also follow these practices.
  • Instruction: It is essential to read and follow the instructions before using the fireworks.


  • Try not to consume alcohol before using fireworks.
  • Pointing fireworks on anyone without any reason must be avoided. It’s not fun and can cause severe injuries to them.
  • Containers made of metals and glass can explode at any time. Try not to use them while burning firecrackers.
  • Keep the pets away from the place where you are using the fireworks.
  • Try not to use fireworks if they aren’t allowed in your vicinity.

Monitoring minors while they are experimenting with the firework is essential. Negligence could result in fatalities, so it is essential to take stringent steps while using them. Safety must be your topmost priority. These accidents will take place if you do not take fireplace safety seriously.

September 24, 2020


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