What is the Difference Between Fire Suppression Systems and Fire Sprinklers?

What is the Difference Between Fire Suppression Systems and Fire Sprinklers?


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Fire sprinkler systems and fire suppression systems function on a common motive of safeguarding any property from fire mishaps and losses. These two equipment might look the same but are entirely different when it comes to functionality and usage. In fact, there are an array of fire suppression systems in Bronx and fire sprinklers that perform different functions.

Coming back to the question, the main difference between fire suppression system in NYC and fire sprinkler systems is that they work differently to extinguish fire. Fire sprinklers use water to extinguish fire while a fire suppression system in Staten Island uses different extinguishing agents to put out a fire.

Applications of fire sprinklers and fire suppression systems
Fire sprinkler systems are the best for everyday usage. They are useful in minimizing property damage in case of an accidental fire. On the other hand, a fire sprinkler system may not be able to put out all types of fire. In such a case, fire suppression systems may come in handy. Also, fire suppression systems are cost-effective and easily available on the market.

As a matter of fact, installing fire protection methods on your property is a great way of curbing any damage and loss and safeguarding everyone around.

Below we have discussed different types of fire suppression systems and fire sprinklers that you can install on your property.

Types of fire suppression systems and their applications

Below is a list of different types of fire suppression systems:

Carbon Dioxide: These fire suppression systems are efficient and swift. These are commonly used in spray booths, flammable liquid storages, printing presses, and dip tanks.

Wet chemical fire suppression: Wet chemical fire suppression systems produce vapor suppression foam. These efficiently prevent the fire from re-igniting. These systems are ideal for professional kitchens.

FM200 Fire suppression: These suppression systems do not require much  maintenance as these do not leave any residue behind. These are ideal for installation in museums, computer rooms, and archives.

Dry chemical suppression: Dry chemical suppression systems work instantly to extinguish fire where and when water is inaccessible. These are often used in industrial settings such as  flammable liquid storage areas and furnace rooms.
Types of Fire sprinkler systems and their applications

Below is a list of different types of fire sprinkler systems:

Pre-action sprinkler: These sprinklers require the activation of supplement fire detection system. These systems are ideal for use in settings where the proportion of damage is more such ad data centers, libraries, and museums.

Wet pipe sprinkler: These systems are always full of water and can be swiftly used in case of emergencies. These are ideal for hotels, office buildings, and multi-storey buildings.

Dry pipe sprinkler: These systems can be filled with water on activation. These are ideal for use in the warehouses.

Deluge sprinkler: These sprinklers comprise of pipes that get activated when water fills up. These are used in areas such as aircraft hangars and chemical storage’s.

Now that you know the difference between fire suppression systems in NYC and fire sprinklers, you can take an informed decision about installing the right type of fire equipment on your property.

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