Some Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sprinkler Systems

Some Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sprinkler Systems


Here at William Hirdco, our Sprinkler Head stock includes a wide variety of options. We offer everything style from Frost Proof, Escutcheons, Siamese Connections, Wall Plates, Alarm Valves, Dry Valves, Preaction and Deluge Valves, Butterfly and Check Valves, Tamper Switches, Flow Switches, Air Maintenance Devices, Air Compressors, Pump Test Connections and more. We provide top of the line equipment for Fire Protection in NYC, but we aren’t just Fire Hose Equipment Suppliers. We’re also the premier suppliers of Sprinkler heads and other Fire Equipment in NY. Whether you need a Fire Hose Valve Cabinet, Standpipes, or anything in between. William Hirdco has the Fire Equipment you need!


Sprinkler systems have been known to save lives and protect the investments of millions of people around the world. They are time tested and as reliable as any type of fire protection or prevention system out there. The experts here at William Hirdco have been trusted and relied upon for years. We know we’re the best in the business because people constantly tell us we are “the best in the business!” Don’t trust a lesser known company with your Fire Protection needs. Get ahold of the experts you know you can rely on for top of the line service every time.

The following information was gathered from Tufts University:

Smoke detectors save lives by providing an early warning to a smoke or fire incident. But can do nothing to extinguish a growing fire or protect those physically unable to escape on their own, such as the elderly or small children. Too often, battery operated smoke detectors fail to function because the batteries are dead or have been removed. As the percent of homes in America that were “protected” with smoke detectors increased from zero to more than 70%, the number of fire deaths in homes did not significantly decrease.

Sprinkler heads are individually activated by fire temperatures in excess of 155°. Residential fires are usually controlled with one sprinkler head. 90% of all fires are controlled with six or fewer heads and a study conducted during the 80 years of automatic sprinkler use found that 82% of the fires that have occurred were controlled by two or fewer sprinkler heads.

Sprinklers provide a high level of safety. Statistics reveal that there has never been any multiple loss of life in a fully protected building. Property losses are 85% less in residences with fire sprinklers compared to those without sprinklers. The combination of automatic sprinklers and early warning systems in all buildings could reduce overall injuries, loss of life and property damage by at least 50%.

Did You Know?

The following information was gathered from ThoughtCo, “Henry S. Parmalee of New Haven, Connecticut, is considered the inventor of the first automatic sprinkler head. Parmalee improved upon the Pratt patent and created a much more practical and better functioning sprinkler system. In 1874, he installed his fire sprinkler system into the piano factory that he owned. In an automatic sprinkler system, a sprinkler head sprays water into a room when the heat reaches the bulb and causes it to shatter.”

Get The Quality Service You Deserve!

At William Hirdco, we provide you with factory trained & certified technicians who can handle any monthly and annually required fire safety inspections. We proudly service multiple areas throughout NYC, including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and more. Keep in mind, while monthly inspections can be performed by the owner of the appointed in-house personnel, liability becomes a consideration. That’s where the experts at William Hirdco step-in.

We provide support for Fire Extinguisher Maintenance, Fire Extinguisher Cabinets, Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Parts, and more, as the premier support provider for Fire Extinguishers in NYC. Don’t trust the other guys. Get ahold of the premier Fire Extinguisher Service Company experts at William Hirdco today!

July 12, 2019


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