Fire Suppression Systems 

commercial fire suppression systems brooklyn

Did you know that all commercial cooking operations require protection with UL300 Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems? This includes restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, churches, schools and other facilities.

Did you know that your computer, IT, records storage, UPS and similar type rooms are better protected by a Clean Agent Fire Suppression System rather than the commonly used Preaction System? Reason being is that a Preaction System is water based and the water has trouble finding its way into racks and around obstacles to get to the fire. A Clean Agent System is gas which simply fills the volume of space and effectively reaches the fire to extinguish it.

Did you know that Fire Suppression Systems must be inspected and tested semi-annually by licensed contractors and technicians certified by the manufacturer?

Did you know that “Ansul” is a brand name like “Q-Tip” and the majority of people call their kitchen Fire Systems “Ansul Systems”? Lucky for Ansul!

At William Hird & Co., Inc. we provide the necessary labor and equipment to install, service and repair Fire Suppression Systems with certified technicians.

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